Kathy Stershic, Principal

My firm belief is that effective communication is always a two-way process. Successful communication builds stronger connections and helps the right things get done in organizations, better and faster. Yet communication often fails.

With a natural curiosity and an inherent need to bring order to the Universe, early in life I developed the habit of asking the reasons why. Over time that I honed the ability to communicate very complex issues in simple terms that every day people can understand.

Today, as a senior consultant and communicator, I partner with clients as a confidant and trusted advisor to help them gather, organize and distill complex information, then persuasively convey it to the people they need to engage, whether their audiences are internal, external or both.

With a long history in the tech sector, I’ve built a strong foundation working with dynamic, innovative businesses. I bring extensive experience working with executives, global teams, partners and stakeholders worldwide.

A devotee of life-long learning, I maintain a burning curiosity about how the world works. I'd like to learn about your business and how we can best tell your story.